Problem with Toolbar

I would like to iterate through toolbar child objects and enable/
disable them depending on various factors. I use the same function to do
this, it just passes the request on depending on the user_data value.
This technique works fine on GnomeApp menues created from GnomeUIInfo
structs, as each menu is given its own user data via code such as the

line 998 in gnome-app-helper.c in gnome-libs-1.0.10.

	        gtk_object_set_data (GTK_OBJECT (uiinfo->widget),

in line 1548 of the same file, after a toolbar has appended a new
element, nothing is set in the gtk object data. I would like the user
data in toolbar childs to be set as well.

Would like to point this out to the maintainers.

Question: Perhaps this is obvious, but how do I get the toolbar created
with. This function has no return value

gnome_app_create_toolbar(GnomeApp *app, GnomeUIInfo *uiinfo)


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