Re: GNOME Sound Server, was Re: GNOME sounds - which component

On 23 Jul 1999 05:26:24 -0400, Mark R. Bowyer <> wrote:
>>From: (Elliot Lee)
>>esound already meets these goals just fine - it supports ALSA, OSS, and
>>quite a few other sound hardware interfaces. However, esound has some
>>other deficiencies, so a new sound server will eventually get done.
>Why?  Esound is open source.  if you have a problem with it, why not fix what we 
>have, rather than try to replace it, forcing other coders to support multiple 
>sound servers, and splitting the effort being aimed at the problem?

Because the needed features require a redesign, and the extremely grotty
code requires a rewrite.

>There's a *lot* of code about that already supports ESound.  You want all those 
>projects to recode?

They will be given the option of not doing so. We will support the esound
API with a wrapper.

>What's so bad about version 0.28 of Esound that can't be fixed by version 1.0?  
>If you want to code, why can't you just submit patches?

I and various other GNOME hackers been maintaining esound, since the
"maintainer" last was seen committing on February 20, 1999 and is now
totally unreachable.

I agree with your sentiment of reusing existing functionality, but in this
case the sentiment is misguided. I daresay you haven't actually looked at
the libesd API or the esound code...

Hope this explains it,
-- Elliot

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