Re: config system thoughts

> You may not like the Applet_[123] approach, but terming it "a crappy hack"
> without reason isn't exactly fair. It provides a simple, usable, and
> accurate representation of the data in question, whereas putting all the
> Applet_N stuff into a single data structure doesn't (the Applet_N stuff is
> a section of the tree that the applet stores its config data in, not
> something that the panel generates.)

It is just a hack to implement a "collection".  You have to manually
keep track of the "N" number somewhere or you are going to fetch stale

Using an XML-like API or a Lisp-like one takes care of this, then why
should we go for the crappy and lame?

> I personally don't want gnome-terminal updating all the terminals at once,
> but it's possible that others might.

Well, the gnome-terminal does not have to listen to config changes.
That is entirely optional.  And even if you did listen to them, you
might ignore the changes.


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