Re: Replacing Imlib in the GNOME libraries

> One (IMPORTANT) thing to note is that right now gdk-pixbuf only returns
> GdkPixBuf's, which are just a wrapper around an ArtPixBuf.  This was done
> to do refcounting.  However, libart is going to get a refcounting scheme
> soon, so this will change.

Yes, I am aware of that.

> Actually, I do plan on adding this soon.  The "Imlib renderer" maps pretty
> nicely to a large number of planned gdk-pixbuf calls.  All that really
> needs to be done is the writing of wrapper functions.

Nice, nice to hear.

> Also note that gdk-pixbuf is still in development right now (i.e. no
> official release yet), so the gdk-pixbuf API might change (but I doubt
> that, the real work that's left to be done is mostly internal loader work,
> some libart work, and file saving)

Yep, I saw this.  Mark and Larry have been doing a great work on this
and it is approaching usable state.

> Also, as a side note, I would also like to start a conversation about what
> people actually USED in Imlib, and seeing if I can port that over to
> gdk-pixbuf.

Here are the top uses:

     1. Load images
     2. Scaling images
     3. Rendering an RGB image to a GdkPixmap/GdkBitmap for screen
        drawing purposes.

The rest pretty much went unused.


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