Re: Replacing Imlib in the GNOME libraries

On 26 Jul, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> One (IMPORTANT) thing to note is that right now gdk-pixbuf only returns
>> GdkPixBuf's, which are just a wrapper around an ArtPixBuf.  This was done
>> to do refcounting.  However, libart is going to get a refcounting scheme
>> soon, so this will change.
This gdk-pixbuf library could be useful for me too,
but as I've understood it it loads images in an ArtPixBuf, and I can't
see how to render the ArtPixBuf into a GdkPixmap to actually show it,
"grep GdkPixmap *.h" on the libart headers gives nothing!

Can anyone give me a hint on this?

> Here are the top uses:
>      1. Load images
>      2. Scaling images
>      3. Rendering an RGB image to a GdkPixmap/GdkBitmap for screen
>         drawing purposes.
> The rest pretty much went unused.
> Miguel.

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