Re: Replacing Imlib in the GNOME libraries

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > Saving a GdkImlibImage to a file was also useful.  As well as its use in
> > ee, I know a guy who uses imlib for some non trivial image manipulation
> > (load image, directly manipulate pixel data, then save image or display it
> > in the GUI).  It would be useful to be able to do this with gdk-pixbuf.

> Manipulating pixel data is always possible (and it can be done more
> efficiently now, as information can be stored in the best alignement
> setup you need) and there are lots of possible operations that can be
> performed on the images as affine transformations.

Would it support RGB color shifting?  For example, I'd like to be
able to apply color offsets to an in-memory pixmap to simulate
time of day (twilight vs. noon) and seasonal differences (orange
in fall vs. green in spring), without having to create/load a
different set of pixmaps for each possibility (e.g.
pinetree_autumn_midday.png).  Here's a good presentation of where
I'm coming from (sorry, it's sort of graphics-intensive):


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