OFF-TOPIC:Re: User unfriendly

> Why is it that the most user unfriendly editor in existence is the first one
> to get a gtk+ interface?

	What do you mean?  vi is *great*.  Intuitive, consistent user

P.S.>  I just finished writing a short tutorial on vi.  It's a miracle of
Unix history that computer science wasn't abandoned altogether, given that
vi is the only editor you know you'll have available under Unix.

P.P.S.> Unless you install Pine, vi is *still* the only text-mode editor
you have available under most Unixes.  (Emacs is a Way Of Life, not an
editor).  I'm beginning to think Microsoft conquered the desktop solely
because they had "edit" :).

(please reply privately, I don't want to start a huge religious war)

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