Re: Panel idea

> My guess was that it would turn out to be a "not so easy thing to do", but
> I thought it sounded like a useful feature.  A few people have mentioned
> just having more than one panel, but I don't like that idea because it
> clutters up the desktop still more.  Anyway, it is just and idea that
> apealed to me, and I thought I would toss it out to see what people who
> actually were working on the panel thought.

	How about this:  you can drag out the panel to an arbitrary
length, which sets that to the new "default" expansion length when you
click the edge arrow on that side (that is not hidden).

	But if you click the arrow again, it expands the panel all the
way.  Then you just put the applets you want displayed on the very edge of
the panel (on the section that is displayed when it is not fully

	Is this making any sense?  I thought I saw something similar to
this on a Mac...


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