Re: Panel idea

My guess was that it would turn out to be a "not so easy thing to do", but
I thought it sounded like a useful feature.  A few people have mentioned
just having more than one panel, but I don't like that idea because it
clutters up the desktop still more.  Anyway, it is just and idea that
apealed to me, and I thought I would toss it out to see what people who
actually were working on the panel thought.

> Cory Lueninghoener <> writes:
> > here is my idea.  What if there was an option on the panel someplace to
> > leave one or two apps sticking out of the end when the panel is hidden
> > with the arrows? 
> Unfortunately, this is currently not so trivial to do.  I have seen
> this requested before.  I am working on some panel stuff to allow
> a panel that can be freely positioned along the edge, so basically
> you can get this effect, without too much trouble.
> Of course, if you were to code this feature...
> Jacob
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> "Me fail English?  That's unpossible!" - R. Wiggum

Cory Lueninghoener

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