Re: Panel idea said:
>  What if there was an option on the panel someplace to leave one or
> two apps sticking out of the end when the panel is hidden with the
> arrows?  That way only the clock would be visable when I wanted, but
> at all other times everything would be there.  Has this ever been
> discussed before?  Or is there some big glaring reason it hasn't?

I have no idea how difficult this would be to do, but I think, instead of some 
option, the following would be really slick.  Provide the ability to drag and 
drop the buttons to another place on the panel.  Only the part of the panel 
between the buttons would slide off the screen.

Yeah, I know, there's all these big fish to fry and I come up with a this.  
Sheeesh!!  Maybe Cory could do it :-)  Yeah, that's it.  Piece o'cake.  Well, 
I still think it's a good idea.

Mike Sangrey

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