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On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, Mike Sangrey wrote:

> said:
> >  What if there was an option on the panel someplace to leave one or
> > two apps sticking out of the end when the panel is hidden with the
> > arrows?  That way only the clock would be visable when I wanted, but
> > at all other times everything would be there.  Has this ever been
> > discussed before?  Or is there some big glaring reason it hasn't?
> I have no idea how difficult this would be to do, but I think, instead of some 
> option, the following would be really slick.  Provide the ability to drag and 
> drop the buttons to another place on the panel.  Only the part of the panel 
> between the buttons would slide off the screen.

How about another alternative:

The panel consists of slider arrows each end of the main bar. The bar is
layered, a setting can define how many can be used on the panel. Each
layer has a handle (just like the gtk objects in GMC) which allows the
layer to be shifted from maximum visible length to minimum by effectively
dragging along the bar's length. This is similar to that of the Windows
Desktop Bar with IE5 entensions.

Now it would be cool to make each layer a GTK object and make the panel
use these on top of each other, that way, layer 0 could hold most things
along the left, and layer 1 on top could have the clock or whatever in the
same position, but layer 1 would have been dragged across to the minimum
position - just enough to hold the clock on the right of the panel.

| || Layer0stuff...                 || Layer1clock... |

|| = layer handle.

Apps would then have layers of toolbars...

Just my thoughts.

James Green
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