Re: Pilot: Archive bit?

> > > 	  The Unix-pilot mailing list would know for sure.
> > 
> > Oh!  Where can I find this jewel?
> probably to subscribe.

	Umm... what he said :).  The mail list archive is at:

	...and I'm sure you already have the software, but you might find
more documentation at:

	Finally, when you delete something from the Pilot, there is a
checkbox that says something like "Save archive copy on PC".  I believe
(but am not certain!) that if you mark the archive bit with that check
mark, the MS-Windows software saves it in some kind of backup folder and
_then_ deletes it from the Pilot.  You may want to check into the options
for the Pilot-link program to see if there's anything there about deleting
"archived" junk.

	Again, you'll probably want to pose this question to the
[appropriate:)] mailing list.


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