Libglade changes


As some of you might know, I have been changing some of the internals of
libglade around to hopefully make it more efficient.

Well, I have completed most of the changeover to the SAX based parser, and
all my example .glade files seem to work the same as before.

It would be great if some people could test the changes.  I am interested
in any problems people who are currently using libglade have with the
changes (it should be source compatible and hopefully binary compatible).

If you are not using libglade, I would also be interested if the
test-libglade program has trouble displaying your interface.

The head of the CVS tree should be working correctly now.  If you find any
large bugs and need a working libglade, you can get the old version by
checking out the tag before-sax-parser.

The new parser should also have support for local styles (<style> sections
that occur within a <widget> section, that are only applicable to that



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