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On Sat, 24 Jul 1999, Scott Johnson wrote:

> [...]
> 2)  On a completely different topic:  I would LOVE to see a control panel
> applet that (where practical) allows me to control the X server--doing
> things like changing graphics modes and desktop size, restarting the
> server, etc.  I'm not talking about dangerous things like changing video
> timings, etc...I am talking about the equivalent of CTRL_ALT_+ on XFree86,
> with the advantage that screen resolution etc can now be managed as part
> of the session, rather than independent of it.  Perhaps this is something
> better handled by a WM, and if the WM supports this, gnome_session should
> use the WM for this support of thing.  Many window managers, however, 
> don't...

	And a button to change to virtual consoles (i.e. same as
Alt+Ctrl+F1, ...)? I think this is a ask of the X server so I'm not sure
WM or GNOME could do it ... There is also the portability issues, this
could be done in Linux, but in other Unixes?
[Maybe hook that if it recognizes a X session opened from a text terminal
them this would be posible, instead no].

			Iņigo Serna

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