RE: panel widget as library?

When I worked on the proof of concept new panel, I started the panel off as
a widget. So if the new panel is actually developed, it would have that

Also as to the desktop item,
I would like to see the desktop not as a directory but as a file.
Imagine this:
Your desktop is a bonobo file.
Everything on your desktop is a bonobo object.
If you want a little notepad, you throw in your favorite text bonobo object.
If you want a scratch pad, embed a gimp image.
You can also embed a gmc bonobo object to gain the files on desktop concept.
Except, with this method, you can have more than one directory on your
desktop. Just add a second gmc bonobo object. :)

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> Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 1999 8:11 PM
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> Subject: panel widget as library?
> Hi,
> I am wondering if people would be interested in seeing the 
> panel widget
> available in a library.  I am not talking about the whole 
> panel... just 
> the widget that has applets inside of it 
> (gnome-core/panel/panel-widget.[ch]).
> I was just thinking it might be neat to be able to have an 
> app imbed an 
> applet (gmc having applets on the desktop?  I suppose there could be a
> bonobo container applet which would allow bonobo objects on 
> the desktop
> (and panel) which someone was talking about before).
> I'm just wondering if anyone thinks this would actually be 
> used/useful.
> Thanks,
> Jacob
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