Re: Pilot: Archive bit?

 Miguel de Icaza twisted the bytes to say:

 >> Comments 
 >> When a record is archived, the deleted bit is set but the
 >> chunk is not freed and the local ID is preserved. This way,
 >> the next time the user synchronizes with the desktop system,
 >> the desktop can save the record data on the PC before it
 >> permanently removes the record entry and data from the Palm
 >> OS device.

 Miguel> Ahaha!  

 Miguel> Thanks for the information.  So the issue now is: What do I
 Miguel> do with archived entries?  I have no idea on what to do with
 Miguel> them.  Perhaps stick them on a archived-cal.vcf file?

Hola Miguel,

I guess this is an interesting question, open to debate. 

IMHO, the gnome calendar should have a bit that says that it has been
deleted from the PDA (and maybe display it accordingly), in effect
showing both the "archived" entries and the non-archive. I would not
like two calendar files :) 

I believe that the gnome calendar should be fully aware of the pilot
(after all, it is the most open of PDAs in terms of API). I don't
think this requires major changes in the calendar.

Keep in mind Miguel that the reason they support archived records
is because the PDA has small available space while there is no real
restriction in a Hard Disk. So the idea was that once you don't need
it any more you can remove it from your pilot and keep it in the
hard disk. IMHO, this is the way to go, because I use my calendar as a
record of my life. Your pilot is new, eventually it will
fill-up. You'd like to have a backup of those records without having
to have different calendar files, right? 

 Miguel> Miguel.

Best regards,

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