I propose that in future 1.0.x/2.0 gnome-libs releases we allow users to
define a debugging symbol GNOME_CORE_API_ONLY. With this defined,
declarations for strongly deprecated or experimental features will not
appear in the gnome-libs headers.

For example, in libgnomeui.h we might have:

#include "gtk-ted.h"

because GtkTed is deprecated, or in gnome-canvas.h we might have:

GnomeCanvas* gnome_canvas_new_aa();

because the AA canvas is experimental.

The purpose of this is to allow people to easily "clean" their apps and be
sure they are only using the stable, debugged, non-deprecated features.

This is intended for debugging only, so we don't commit to source compat
with this turned on - the whole point is that it *isn't* source compatible
so you can detect the bad features you're using.

Does it sound like a nice feature to have? If so I'll implement it
in the near future. But I may have overlooked some problems.


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