Re: GNOME plans (--> mail clients)

> > - good looking (design and look is VERY important)
> > - simple and easy to use
> > - self-contained (it should not depend on fetchmail, procmail and others)
> > - secure (support for GPG/PGP is simple MUST, support for POP/IMAP over SSL or
> >   SASL would be nice too)
> Sometime ago I started a same project, I called it Gizmo, and the
> principal things that I think about was:

This is discussed on the gnome-mailer mailing list.

We have a nice design and it addresses all the issues being discussed

The reason you do not see a lot of activity in the mail program itself
is because Nat and I are working on the foundation/glue for the
component-based groupware tools (of which the mailer is part).

This is the Bonobo system (which also happens to be used to create
compound documents).

Check the cvs module "gnome-mailer" to see what has been done so far.

best wishes,

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