Re: shlib panel applets (e.g. fish, gkb)

Steve Haslam <> writes:

> at the moment, panel applets that are shared libraries instead of
> separate tasks seem to be installed in /usr/lib,
> e.g. /usr/lib/

> [...]  I suggest putting them in /usr/lib/gnome-panel/applets or
> some similar place, and just naming them "".

I think the Free Unix Filesystem Standard, which Debian is eventually
to adhere to, should recommend a standard location for such libs.  GNU
programs traditionally used `$prefix/libexec/$package' (so in this
case, /usr/libexec/gnome-panel/) for binaries that are not
user-servicable, but I'm not sure whether this has been adopted by the
FSS people.  Might be worth checking with their documents to avoid a
second location change.


Alexander Jolk * * +49-721-608-3572

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