Re: question that may become a suggestion

It would certainly be possible to create a program that made CORBA calls
to a CORBA server for a set number of callbacks.  Using libglade would not
make this any easier (other than building the interface for you).

It may be difficult to create a generic CORBA interface program that
handled callbacks and everything correctly though.

What sort of thing are you trying to acheive?



On Thu, 3 Jun 1999, Sergey I. Panov wrote:

> A few years ago I saw an ad in LJ in which some company (forgot its
> name) was offering toolkit allowing remote programs to use localy
> installed Motif.  If I interpreted their ad correctly, they did
> someting simular to wrapping all Motif widgets in ORBs. That must be
> quite inefficient.
> My question:
> If program builds its GUI elements using libglade, is it feasible to
> go further and dynamicly generate CORBA interface between program and
> its GUI part/element defined with libglade XML description?
>   Sergey
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