DIOSS [was Re: question that may become a suggestion]

James Henstridge wrote:

> It would certainly be possible to create a program that made CORBA calls
> to a CORBA server for a set number of callbacks.  Using libglade would not
> make this any easier (other than building the interface for you).
> It may be difficult to create a generic CORBA interface program that
> handled callbacks and everything correctly though.
> What sort of thing are you trying to acheive?

 None -- I have no time even for less ambitious contributions.

 I found name of the company/product I was referring to. It is 
DIOSS(Distributed Interface Object Server System) from Dioss Corp. 
>From their ad:
"DIOSS is a high-level C Language API and RPC-based daemon that provides
Motif 2.0 interfaces. ..."

 I just wonder if libglade can be used to build Gtk interfaces on the
X terminal side and to build both sides of CORBA intherface between X
terminal and host running program. Theoretically that should reduce
net traffic between X terminal and the host. 


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