New Gnome Developer Says: Test

Hi all;

 Please forgive the length of this post but I would like to introduce
myself. I have only in the last couple of weeks started developing
with gnome/gtk so my contributions will be small for the next little
while. I have a couple of small projects I'm working on right now,
one must start somewhere, so I'll give a brief rundown lest anyone
think they are of value:

gmenumagic: This program may be used to produce; Gnome, KDE or Red
hat menus, either personal or system, for the following window
managers: WindowMaker, Icewm, Enlightenment and Blackbox(Not done
yet). It also includes a perl script to populate icewm menus with
icons. This program conforms to gnome standards, is stable but
finishing touches are required: getting the autoconf stuff right,
using corba to call gnome-edit rather than an explicit call to gedit.

Theme-O-Matic: In progress but I can't find gnomecc +
theme-selector-capplet in any of the CVS stuff I have, the
directories are in gnome-core but no files :( This program has an
extremely simple interface for making basic gtkrc files. So if your
feeling a little yellow it's about 5 seconds to make a yellow gtk
theme. This works on the principal that the user may select basic
color and the rest of the values are calculated :) The demo I have
works fine.

   First I want to thank you all for the bandwidth, I assure you I
will keep my posts to a more reasonable length in the future. I also
humbly ask for comments as to weather any of the above may be useful
to gnome or anyone using gnome.

Best Regards,
Neil Brideau

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