Re: strokes support for GNOME

Dan Nicolaescu <> writes:

> This a feature that would be excellent to have in GNOME as it improves
> usability a lot!
> The good news is that there already is a GPL implementation for
> strokes, LibStroke:
> gEDA includes support for libstroke, its homepage it's at:
> The author Mark Willey <> has said that he would like
> very much for LibStroke to be included in GNOME.  He's also working on a
> GNOME control and config program for LibStroke to make integration with
> GNOME apps easy.

Note that a GPL library cannot be linked into gnome-libs.
If you want this as a standard feature for all gnome apps,
than the library would have to released under the LGPL
(or less restrictive) license.

Although there isn't 100% agreement on the policy on GPL libraries 
in GNOME, one thing I think almost everbody agrees on is
that it should be possible to write a 100% conformant
GNOME application under any license you choose (MPL, QPL,
binary only closed-source, ...)

Just wanted to point out a basic licensing constraint.


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