Re: IDLtree and ORBit IDL files

Erik Walthinsen <> writes:

> I've run into a problem in writing GNOME programs that make more than your
> average use of ORBit: it's a pain in the a** to keep all the prototypes
> and structures straight.  The thing is, they're all the same, and could be
> autogenerated.  Hmm, I thought, check CPAN, and there it is: IDLtree.

I don't quite understand the problem. All the prototypes and
structures that are directly needed are in your the .h file.

If you are talking about the code to implement server side
objects, then you can do create an initial implementation of this
stuff using:

 orbit-idl --skeleton_impl

> The problem is that ORBit's IDL compiler seems to support a few more
> features than IDLtree recognizes, primarily CPP-style #if's, #include <>
> and such, but also the following from gnome-factory.h gives it problems:
>         typedef sequence<string> stringlist;
> It seems from a quick check of the code that it's expecting [] instead of
> <>.  I can't seem to find my CORBA book right now (maybe it's at work, I
> hope), so I dunno which of the two (or both) is 'correct'.

<> is right for sequences. You can also declare arrays like
in C with [] and slightly different sytax.


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