IDLtree and ORBit IDL files

I've run into a problem in writing GNOME programs that make more than your
average use of ORBit: it's a pain in the a** to keep all the prototypes
and structures straight.  The thing is, they're all the same, and could be
autogenerated.  Hmm, I thought, check CPAN, and there it is: IDLtree.

The problem is that ORBit's IDL compiler seems to support a few more
features than IDLtree recognizes, primarily CPP-style #if's, #include <>
and such, but also the following from gnome-factory.h gives it problems:

        typedef sequence<string> stringlist;

It seems from a quick check of the code that it's expecting [] instead of
<>.  I can't seem to find my CORBA book right now (maybe it's at work, I
hope), so I dunno which of the two (or both) is 'correct'.

Is IDLtree being kept up to date, and if so are these appropriate things
to be adding to it?  If IDLtree can be made to successfully parse through
GNOMEish IDL files, it would make generating IDL tools a lot easier. 
(Yes, I know libIDL exists, but Perl is IMHO a lot better for the tool I
have in mind.)


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