Re: Disabling sound?

Elliot Lee ( wrote:
> On Sun, 6 Jun 1999, Bodo Bauer wrote:
> > So the first question I didn't find any aswer so far is how to
> > turn sound off during compile time, and how to get rid of 
> > of the dependencies to libesd and libaudiofile?
> You could recompile your gnome-libs without libesd/libaudiofile installed,
> but then GNOME wouldn't have sound support at all.
> There's really no need to worry about linking libesd & libaudiofile with
> your app - no actual resources will be used unless the program
> (directly or via the standard GNOME hooks) makes use of sound.

Well, the first thing is, that it gives an error message when
the app is started, as I don't have esd running. But this is
no the major point.

The project I'm working on requires that the final binaries run
on any (intel-)Linux box. So static linking will be done in
the very end. The decision to use Gnome has been made because
the concept is good and lot's of the required code is already there.
Integration in the Gnome desktop is only a very minor issue.

If we need a special compiled version of the libs, than I'll
build one, I just thought that there may be an easier (and cleaner)

Bodo Bauer     
Zenguin, Inc.            Simplicity in Linux Applications

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