Disabling sound?


I'm failry new to Gnome and I'm trying to find my way using
the documentation and by looking at code examples.

I'd like to use gnomelib for non GUI applications and GTK and
Gnome for GUI stuff. Hiwever none of the applications I will 
create have or need sound support in any way. There will be heaviy
Corba usage, and some GUI stuff, but definetly no sound.

So the first question I didn't find any aswer so far is how to
turn sound off during compile time, and how to get rid of 
of the dependencies to libesd and libaudiofile?

I hope this ois not a FAQ, I didn't find anythinf in the archives.


Bodo Bauer               bb@zenguin.com
Zenguin, Inc.            Simplicity in Linux Applications 
http://www.zenguin.com   http://skaro.nightcrawler.com/~bb

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