Re: newbie gnome-config question

The culpret was some temporary cleanup code used early on in session
development... I'll be sure to organize that better next time.

thanx anyways.


Dave Fletcher wrote:

> hi all.
> I'm a newbie to gnome and have so far been successful with my
> development of a web search applet for the gnome panel.
> The applet uses gnome-config to store its session data similarly to the
> examples I've been studying - asclock and mini-commander. This works
> great - my preferences are stored upon a save_sesstion signal, and
> retrieved flawlessly on applet restart-- except -- when X is logged out,
> or the machine is restarted. After restart or X login, my applet always
> reverts to it's default settings.
> Here's the snippet which seemingly returns the wrong value...
>   gint already_has_prefs;
>   gnome_config_push_prefix(APPLET_WIDGET(window)->privcfgpath);
>   already_has_prefs = gnome_config_has_section ("holmes_applet");
>   gnome_config_pop_prefix();
> I use the same gnome_config_push_prefix call and section name during the
> save_session signal to store a string and two integer values. I then
> call gnome_config_sync() at the end of my save_session routine.
> I don't know if this is part of the problem but I have been working
> outside the cvs source tree simply by linking my program at compile time
> with gnome, gtk, and glib and my applet.desktop and applet.gnorba files
> are simply copied to their appropriate directories via a small install
> script.
> Any ideas where my session data has gone after system restart? Any help
> is greatly appreciated.
> --dave
> --
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