newbie gnome-config question

hi all.

I'm a newbie to gnome and have so far been successful with my
development of a web search applet for the gnome panel.

The applet uses gnome-config to store its session data similarly to the
examples I've been studying - asclock and mini-commander. This works
great - my preferences are stored upon a save_sesstion signal, and
retrieved flawlessly on applet restart-- except -- when X is logged out,
or the machine is restarted. After restart or X login, my applet always
reverts to it's default settings.

Here's the snippet which seemingly returns the wrong value...

  gint already_has_prefs;
  already_has_prefs = gnome_config_has_section ("holmes_applet");

I use the same gnome_config_push_prefix call and section name during the
save_session signal to store a string and two integer values. I then
call gnome_config_sync() at the end of my save_session routine.

I don't know if this is part of the problem but I have been working
outside the cvs source tree simply by linking my program at compile time
with gnome, gtk, and glib and my applet.desktop and applet.gnorba files
are simply copied to their appropriate directories via a small install

Any ideas where my session data has gone after system restart? Any help
is greatly appreciated.


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