GVoice 0.0.3 released

I've made version 0.0.3 of GVoice available on my FTP site, at
ftp://anakin.cse.ogi.edu/pub/omega/gvoice/gvoice-0.0.3.tar.gz.  RPMs for
RedHat 6.0 are also available. 

This release includes the beginnings of a control panel.  In the demo
application, say 'panel' to bring it up.  When you move the mouse into the
panel window, an exclusive vocabulary is activate that allows you to
switch between the various pages in the panel's notebook.  The Debug panel
is the only one populated so far, and it shows a list of all the current
vocabularies, highlighting the ones that are enabled at any given time. 

I've also gotten the documentation 'complete', and got gtk-doc working
properly.  You'll find the documentation in /usr/share/gvoice/html/, or at

Next step in development is to split things into a daemon and library,
using CORBA and GOAD to allow multiple applications (and the window
manager or session manager) to share the recognition engine without
needing to use SMAPI's rather limitted focus capabilities.  The panel may
become a separate binary, and hopefully will be able to dock itself into
the panel. 

Also, the vocabulary engine will change a but to deal with derived
vocabulary types to support grammars and dication macros.  You'll be able
to form groups of vocabularies for both normal and exclusive use, though
be warned that with a session-wide recognition daemon, the term exclusive
gets demoted to per-process status.

Anyway, ST:DS9 finale is on, so I'll go now...

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        Quasar project - http://www.cse.ogi.edu/DISC/projects/quasar/
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