Re: Disabling sound?

On Sun, 6 Jun 1999, Bodo Bauer wrote:

> I'm failry new to Gnome and I'm trying to find my way using
> the documentation and by looking at code examples.
> I'd like to use gnomelib for non GUI applications and GTK and
> Gnome for GUI stuff. Hiwever none of the applications I will 
> create have or need sound support in any way. There will be heaviy
> Corba usage, and some GUI stuff, but definetly no sound.
> So the first question I didn't find any aswer so far is how to
> turn sound off during compile time, and how to get rid of 
> of the dependencies to libesd and libaudiofile?

You could recompile your gnome-libs without libesd/libaudiofile installed,
but then GNOME wouldn't have sound support at all.

There's really no need to worry about linking libesd & libaudiofile with
your app - no actual resources will be used unless the program
(directly or via the standard GNOME hooks) makes use of sound.
-- Elliot
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