Re: strokes support for GNOME

On 7 Jun 1999 18:30:45 -0400, Dan Nicolaescu <> wrote:

>Havoc Pennington <> writes:
>  > Hi,
>  > 
>  > I think it would be great as long as it's implemented in some non-hacky
>  > way.
>  > 
>  > I wouldn't like to see it if it's going to be cruftily grafted in to
>  > gnome-libs. In that case I think it's better to let applications include
>  > it rather than putting it in the library. We already have a bunch of junk
>  > in libgnomeui that needs to be removed, and interface consistency is a
>  > problem for us. In particular gnome-app-helper does not need more features
>  > added to its shaky foundation...
>  > 
>  > Among the questions to answer: how will stroke bindings work - like
>  > accelerators, or more generic? What about apps that already use the middle
>  > button? What changes to the Gtk main loop are required to implement this?
>  > (I guess you'd have to intercept all middle button presses, much as the
>  > gtk_grab_add() code works now...) Is it really useful for all apps, or
>  > would it be better to just add it to apps where it makes sense?
>Well, I think it would be a good idea to first aggree on what do we
>want from strokes before talking about implementation details:
>	- do we aggree that strokes is a useful feature that would be
>	nice to have in GNOME?
>	- do we want to have a set of strokes that are available by
>        default in all GNOME applications? (I think this is highly
>        desirable, I use a set of tools from Mentor that all use
>        strokes, it is very convenient)
>	  -if yes then applications should have a way to disable
>           strokes so they can use the middle button for something
>	   else 
>The people that know gnomelibs/Gtk could then say what is the most
>desirable and clean way to have strokes integrated, libstrokes is
>small enough so it could be changed to fit different approaches. 
>Do you aggree with this Mark? 
>  > Or is that what you mean to begin with - just put libstroke in gnome-libs
>  > for apps to use?
>I don't think this is a good idea before we have a well defined API. 

I think you're approaching it from the wrong direction. You're wanting
something like "let's decide that this is good, then design an API, then
it goes into gnome-libs". Things usually work smoother if someone shows a
minimal working implementation and requests comments, because people can
actually see what stroke support means and start to design things around
its workings.

The only thing that needs to be cleared up before starting to implement is
the licensing. The rest of the issues, which seem technical in nature,
should be resolved using the good judgement of the person doing the
implementation work, and by other interested parties, as those bridges are

-- Elliot
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