Re: Some Thoughts/Rewrite of specs

Kenneth Christíqua wrote:
> > >The panel should provide information when autohide is on for example,
> > >so that the wm could resize the maximized window when the panel is hidden.
> >
> >  Maybe we could set a property on the root window, _GNOME_DESKTOP_DIMENSIONS
> > or something, which would consist of four integers representing the origin,
> > width and height of the rectangular area in the center of the desktop not
> > inhabited by panels, docks, dragbars etc.
> If we want other projects (like that of KDE) to use our wm hints, we don't want
> to call it anything including the name GNOME, so let's call it

Icewm already supports:

_WIN_WORKAREA(CARDINAL) = 0, 0, 1024, 710

This was in my original proposal for GNOME wm hints.

... GUI: WPS.

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