Gnocatan 0.3.3 released

I am pleased to announce release 0.3.3 of Gnocatan.  This is a bug fix

	Gnocatan is a faithful translation of the excellent Settlers
	of Catan board game. Using a scheme inspired by FreeCiv, one
	of the players runs a server which the others connect
	to. There is a meta-server to allow you to locate game servers
	over the Internet. The game is now feature complete.

	* Finally fixed the bug in which the resource card count in
          the player summary lost sync in some clients
	* Added tick / cross pixmaps in trade interface to indicate
          whether or not you can accept a quote.
	* When a player changes their name, the message reports their
          previous name instead of their player number.
	* Added a 'Player Rejected Trade' line to the quote interface
          to allow you to determine when other quoting players reject
          a trade.
	* Hopefully improved random number sequence by reading the
          rand() man page :-)


	This release will hopefully be the last one in the 0.3.x
	series.  I am currently working on a major reorganisation of
	the client source to move the entire game state machine into a
	single file.

	The idea is that once the entire state machine is exposed in a
	relatively clear way, other people might feel inclined to help
	out with some of the game variations.  Out of this process, I
	hope to reach the point where most of the non-state machine
	code can be massaged into a set of nice game oriented API's.

	If you are even a little bit interested, please point your
	browser at

	and have a look at the code.  It is a work in progress (I have
	not even tried to compile it yet).

	I would really appreciate comments now as I do not want to
	have to do another reorganisation (at least for a very long
	time).  Once the user base grows, there are going to be more
	and more people who might want to contribute code.  I would
	like to have a stable code base for them to work from.

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