App-Helper Inquiry

I'm having a tiny problem with the app-helper of libgnomeui, and it's making
menus. Basically it comes down to a simple question of: Why does
do_ui_signal_connect() in gnome-app-helper.c use uiinfo->data instead of
uiinfo->user_data? I'm trying to pass data to a callback function from a menu,
a task that may not be very common, so I figured this may be a bug. The data
passed is always 0x80BFE88 instead of what I'm trying to pass, which is what
uiinfo->user_data was set to when I declared my GnomeUIInfo structure.
Why/where does uiinfo->data get set and why is it passed instead of
uiinfo->user_data? Perhaps someone forgot to initialize uiinfo->data to 0 or
something, and this just has never been used before? :)

Mathieu Fenniak

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