Re: Using pixmap files in Gnome apps

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello Damon,
>   I see the problem you describe with the pixmaps.  It is an
> assumption that should go in the first place (due to the large
> number of people that now get GNOME in /usr and any other toy in
> another place).
>   What if we make the gnome_pixmap_file checks for the first character
> to be a '/', in which case we assume it is an absolute pathname,
> otherwise we asusme it is a gnome-install-relative pixmap?

I don't think this is the best solution. It still makes it awkward to
get the application to work both when uninstalled & when installed.

>   If we do not like this, then we can move this assumption up, to
> gnome_about_new or to the GnomeUIInfo handler.

I think the best solution is for gnome-libs to have a pixmap path,
to which you can prepend new directories.

Then you can use relative pixmap filenames everywhere, as we do now,
and you can simply call 'gnome_add_pixmap_dir()' once to add any
directories which contain the pixmaps.


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