Re: Drag and drop is dead, long live drab and throw :)

Toby Jaffey wrote:
> The idea:
> Drag and drop is the best thing that ever happenned to GUIs. But, it's often
> tedious and awkward due to the small dropsites and the inaccuracies of the
> average mouse. I was watching a friend sorting 800 files in the Win98
> explorer last night, he talked about 'throwing' this file and that file into
> folders. So, why not extend the concept of drag and drop to include throwing.
> What is this:
> This is the code for a very simple mock up of the general idea. The buttons
> at the top are draggable (using gtk's XDND code), these are thrown down the
> screen at the two black boxes in the corners which could represent anything
> from a script to a folder.
> I think that this idea would bring needed functionality to gnome and
> gtk. I would be happy to help code such an idea (but I will need help)
> if others are interested.
	The idea is good, but I think that drag and drop shoud still existing,
maybe an alt-drag would throw an icon?

	The other problem I see is the precision, if drag and drop is dificult
because of mouse precision imagine trying to throw an icon into a
folder? The target areas must be very large, in your little program the
black areas for instance were somewhat small, if yoy try to throw at
something that is exactly bellow the origin you have a chaotic
behaviour, since a small change of a few pixels could change the result
very much.

"You take the red pill and you stay in wonderland,
and I'll show you how deep the rabit hole goes", Morpheus.
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