Re: Drag and drop is dead, long live drab and throw :)

On Thu, Jun 17, 1999 at 12:30:44PM -0300, Victor Bogado da Silva Lins wrote:
> 	The other problem I see is the precision, if drag and drop is dificult
> because of mouse precision imagine trying to throw an icon into a
> folder? The target areas must be very large, in your little program the
> black areas for instance were somewhat small, if yoy try to throw at
> something that is exactly bellow the origin you have a chaotic
> behaviour, since a small change of a few pixels could change the result
> very much.

How about grab-n-throw "gravity". We could assign "mass" too all drag-n-drop
objects and targets. I found that most of my throws went just off the side.
If there was a bit of gravity they would have hit home. Then of course we've
got to introduce other astrophysical concepts like magnetism, elecric charge
and karma to GTK/GNOME widgets :-)


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