Re: Drag and drop is dead, long live grab and throw :)

On Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Mark R. Bowyer wrote:

> >From: Toby Jaffey <>
> >The best idea I have heard so far though is that when a drag begin, a
> >line should be drawn as a guide for the user, so they can see the place
> >it will land if they continue with the current path. This could even
> >'snap' between targets.
> Ohh!  Ohh!  Do the line in red!  With a cross-hair at the end!
> Laser-guided targeting!
> Add a "Whhooosh!  Boom!" sound effect to gnome-sounds ;O)

Now we're talking :-)

Seriously, the guy that posted the original proposal, why don't
you create a web page or another posting taking on board these

I've just had a thought...would this work in a way similar to
Window Maker's dock. When adding a new icon, it has some kind
of gravity. I've just thought of that now...


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