make dist, msgmerge and po files

Hello, Fellow GNOMErs,

I have a question regarding po files.

Yesterday I run make dist on ggv in order to create a new version.
Today Tuomas called my attention to the fact that I had mangled the po

After some explanation from his part, I learned that I had run
msgmerge on the po files. Since I was trying to add one file to the
list of po files, I did not know if it was a mistake or just an
overlook from my part.

After msgmerge run some of the newly generated files screwed up 
their previous versions.

I thought it was my mistake, so today I rolled back the changes I made
yesterday to the po files.

Today, I run make dist again and the po files are changed again. I
checked and I learned that make dist actually runs msgmerge.

My question is, every time I make a new version, should I commit these
changes to the po files or should I ignore the newly generated po
files? Or am I doing something totally wrong?  What is the correct

Thanks in advance for any help!

Daniel M. German                  "Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination
                                   experienced daily by billions
   William Gibson ->               of legitimate operators in every nation"


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