Re: guile gnome-terminal macros take 1


>>>>> On Sun, 28 Feb 1999 19:58:31 -0500
>>>>> Maciej Stachowiak <> said:

 Maciej> I have to admit also that I am confused why a default config
 Maciej> file is necessary in this case - you only need one if you
 Maciej> want to use the gnome-terminal scripting extension, which you
 Maciej> presumably want to do only if you want to customize your
 Maciej> terminal. The idea of "default customizations" seems
 Maciej> specious.

As always, system wide config files provide customization to the needs 
of a specific site. A site could choose to add some menu entries with
common actions, for example.

The distributed site-config-file should be blank or nonexistent.


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