Re: guile gnome-terminal macros take 1

James Henstridge wrote:
> First, you probably want to check if the user has a customised script in
> place.  You should be able to get the filename with:
>   fname = gnome_util_home_file("gnome-terminal.scm");

Presumably you'd want a personal config file of this sort to start with
a dot, i.e. ".gnome-terminal.scm" or something.

> Then if it doesn't exist get the system wide config file:
>   if (!g_file_exists(fname)) {
>     g_free(fname);
>     fname = gnome_datadir_file("gnome-terminal/script.scm");
>   }

It's also a good idea, I think, to make a system-wide config file
have a name resembling that of an intended user config file, e.g.
gnome-terminal/gnome-terminal.scm or 
gnome-terminal/system.gnome-terminal.scm or something like that.

I have to admit also that I am confused why a default config file
is necessary in this case - you only need one if you want to use
the gnome-terminal scripting extension, which you presumably want
to do only if you want to customize your terminal. The idea of
"default customizations" seems specious.

 - Maciej

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