Re: Small question...

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999 wrote:
> I am thinking of porting a GTK+ app. to Gnome... but I won't add any
> Gnome menubars or something. Are there any reasons (advantages) that my
> app will have ones it has been ported to Gnome? In other words: why the
> hell would I port it to Gnome?? 

 - consistent look and feel (if you use GnomeApp and GnomeDialog,
 - consistent, pre-written config file library
 - nice session management infrastructure
 - gdk_imlib lets you load images
 - GnomeCanvas is nice if you app needs it
 - CORBA is available, and libgnorba authentication library
 - lots of convenience functions and widgets, though this is 
   less useful if you already wrote the app the hard way
 - ZvtTerm terminal widget
 - GnomeMDI 
 - Global user-configurable preferences for many things Gtk apps 
 - File metadata
 - Printing architecture
 - Online help facility (launches the help browser or user-configurable
 - Internationalization built-in
 - popt argument parsing
 - Bonobo/Baboon object embedding architecture
 - Special window manager hints

I'm sure other people can add more reasons. :-)

Some of these things are available as separate modules too, but it sure is
easier to use gnome-libs now that gnome-libs is nice and stabilized.


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