Re: XML-based projects?

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Muralidharan, Adi wrote:
> Is anyone working on, or intend to be working on, any XML-based projects?

We have an XML library written by Daniel Veillard at the W3C. It is in CVS
under 'gnome-xml' and all the office apps use it to load and save
(gnumeric, gwp, guppi). Daniel is working on a DOM library too, under
'gnome-dom.' Have a look.
> I haven't seen any development info for wysiwyg text editors for Gnome (and

There is gwp, and go - these are both in CVS. There's also AbiWord, at AbiWord isn't using Gnome yet but if they have any
sense at all they will be eventually. All these projects could use


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