Re: guile gnome-terminal macros misc

> I thought keyboard accelerators would be a good idea for macros, but
> I'm not sure if this possible or desireable since it may conflict with
> pre-existing bindings.  However, if this is desirable, how would I go
> about doing this?

This is indeed a good idea.  Macros for people who do not use Emacs or
other applications that consume the entire key-space.

I suggest for example to have callbacks to be invoked when the mouse
is moved, so that you could for example detect and suggest actions
depending on the mouse position.

For example, if the expression around the mouse position matches:


If the user presses click there, it could use: gnome_url (...) to load
the url where the mouse is poinnting.

Note that this idea was first implemented by Nat in his Dingus
package.  Eterm and some other terminal program have been using
derivatives of this code.

> And finally-- should there be some kind of menu option in
> gnome-terminal called "Plugins/" in which one could load and remove
> gtk-modules such as this one, or should the preferred way be:
> 	  gnome-terminal --gtk-module=guileterm
> as it is now?

You might investigate loading the module from a gtk-rc file.

best wishes,

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