Re: gnome menu editor revision, cvs branch, how?

John Ellis <> writes:

> The menu editor has a few major bugs, I decided an overhaul
> of the code was needed. The revision is pretty much done, it only
> needs more testing.
> I want to create a branch for gmenu on CVS while I test this,
> and get things set up, but how?
> To create a branch called GMENU_EXP, would this work from
> within my copy of the gmenu source dir?
>     cvs tag -b GMENU_EXP
>     cvs update -rGMENU_EXP

Yes, it will. But I'd suggest using a better branch name for this (IMHO).
When I make branches, I usually make them end with _BRANCH (such as
GTOP_MDI_BRANCH) - and if this branch is only for several subdirectories
and not the whole module I usually use lowercase lettters without the
_branch ending (such as modemlights_libgtop).

Please try at least a little bit to make the branch name releated to what
it is good for - if we decide to rewrite gmenu again somewhere in future
and use GMENU_EXP2, GMENU_EXP3, ... the confusion is perfect.

However, it's your branch and up to you to decide how to call it - but
I'd really suggest using lowercase letters only for it - if someone does
a `cvs status -v' some time in future it's easier to distinguish module
and directory wide branches.

Martin Baulig - -

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