Re: The future of GNOME.

> * The Bonobo document and component model
>    I need to finish Bonobo.  I am very close to have a working version
> of it.  Currently it does provide a framework for embedding components
> into containers and the container framework.  There are a number of
> things to finish: menu negotiation, some simplification of the process
> (the user currently needs to use CORBA in a couple of paths, and I
> plan on removing this), storage support. 

Miguel, can you tell us what is(will be?) relationship between DOM and
Bonobo, if any?   

> * The File Manager Future
>    An exception to this is the new file manager.  We will start
> re-creating the file manager from a new more GUI-aware framework and
> we will be pulling existing code from the current "mc" module. 

Is it just an extraction of gmc from mc, or you are starting a new 
file manager?


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