Re: The future of GNOME.

> Miguel, can you tell us what is(will be?) relationship between DOM and
> Bonobo, if any?   

They are pretty much orthogonal things.

DOM provides a CORBA-based way of accessing parts of a document, like
walking its structure, and possibly editing it.

Bonobo, on the other hand provides a framework for creating compound
documents from various GNOME applications.

So you would use Bonobo in your application to create containers and
document servers, and you would use DOM in that very same application
to provide access to your internals.

> Is it just an extraction of gmc from mc, or you are starting a new 
> file manager?

A new file manager.  It will be pulling as much code as possible from
the existing mc/gmc, but the architecture of the new file manager is
rather different (ie, non-blocking IO for example)

Best wishes,

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