Re: Any other resources.

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, George Farris wrote:

> I don't seem to be getting anywhere and am wondering if there are 
> any other lists where I might be able to ask questions about GTK/
> GNOME and Obj-C?  I really need some help to answer one or two 
> questions.  I have a reasonable working knowledge now (for a 
> hardware guy) but it's the one or two things that hold up the 
> entire app.

You can send questions about Gtk or Gnome here, or to
if they are Gtk-only. Questions about the objective C bindings can go here
too. General objective C questions should probably go to some other place.

> I also realize that everyone is busy and it's difficult to  stop 
> and figure out someone code.

If you send a question like "My 2,000 line program doesn't work, can you
fix it for me?" someone might look at it but your chances are poor. :-)
However people are pretty helpful if you ask specific questions or post
only a small amount of code and describe what problems you're having.


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