gnome_property_box question

In desperation I turn to this list, knowing full well that the minute I
hit the send button the problem will be obvious.

I'm working on a small app to sit in the panel and interface with scripts.
As per usual, when someone selects "properties" I popup the
gnome_property_box and load it up with a couple of pages.

The problem is that when I select the tabs, the box doesn't properly
update. Odds are I am doing something dreadfully wrong here, I just don't
know what. The new tab and the old tab get all mixed up. I've browsed
through the source for a variety of the applets in gnome-core, but I can't
see what I am doing differently.

Has anybody seen this before, or have a couple of obvious suggestions? I'm
expecting miracles... since I don't know what the problem is I can't
easily post a snippet of code. But I'm desparate.

For those who are interested:

   The program is called (currently, anyway) Gindicate. It sits in the
panel, currently as a togglebox but eventually I will let the user pick
pixmaps. To set the button, it either uses a named pipe, is clickable, or
runs a command every x seconds and uses the exit status. For output, you
can have a named pipe, and you can also run commands on a high->low and a
low->high transition.

   This developed for two reasons. First, I have a cgi-script that allows
users to take a screenshot on my box, and I wanted a button to allow me to
turn that off easily. Secondly, rather than running a xbiff-like program
that polls mailboxes, I would like to have my procmail script just notify
it when mail comes in.

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